15 WWE Turns that need to happen

Watching #DIY end at NXT Takeover Chicago when Tommaso turned heel was a great turn and we hope he reverts back to that Psycho Killer gimmick at some point – and cause a great feud in the process.  Last week Golddust finally turned heel by stabbing R Truth in the back.  Each heel turn had different reactions – the former got massive heat and shock from the crowd, the latter the WWE Universe thought it was about time it was done.

Face Turns that need to be done:

  1.  Bray Wyatt – without a stable he needs to start becoming the fan favorite.  Some of the promos are rather easy to chant to, he has a huge regional following down in the “Bible Belt”, and he has the charisma to do it.  Sadly, the booking has been booking him as a heel for all the wrong reasons.  Turning him face would give him a fresh start with new feuds, now that he moved to the Raw brand it will be a matter of time before he clashes with Kevin Owens.
  2. Bobby Roode – this character current got some egotistical heel that reminds you of Rick Rude and Ric Flair but in recent weeks he been digging down deep to come out winner in matches, namely at NXT Takeover Chicago when he somehow retained in a clean finish despite his opponent using heelish tactics.  Roode is a late bloomer when it comes to the WWE Universe as he is 41, and as such the WWE Universe is treating him as an underdog.  He will make a main roster debut at some point but a face turn will be necessary to do it.  UPDATE: his face turn has not occurred but now that Hideo Itami has turned heel and the otherwise lack of top babyfaces in NXT it will be a matter of time. 
  3. Breezango – this is in the process of being done largely due to an heel gimmick that made them popular with the WWE Universe.  Right now they are the de facto baby face tag team on Smackdown due to the injuries to the New Day and the lack of other tag teams on that brand.  It will be how the booking does this.  Update: New Day has returned but it still appears Breezango is still being pushed as some form of tweener and not a true babyface.
  4. Braun Strowman – despite an injury that put the end of the push and sidelined him for 6 weeks, the Monster of Men  had gained a cult following with a monster heel gimmick.  The WWE Universe was cheering for him during the feud with Roman Reigns.  A face turn upon his return can potentially set him up with feuds with Brock Lesnar and Kevin Owens down the road.  UPDATE:  he has returned as an heel but don’t expect him remain a heel for long – watch for a possible double turn with Roman Reigns around Summerslam.  UPDATE #2:  The double turn may had occurred at the end of the Ambulance match during Great Balls of Fire but don’t expect Strowman to take on a typical babyface role but more that of a tweener.
  5. Baron Corbin – another monster heel with a cult following, while not as dominant as Braun Strowman, he is younger and had attracted a large following in the midwest.  UPDATE: he has won Money in the Bank match and has a potential heel vs heel showdown with the current WWE Champion that would essentially make him a de facto babyface. 
  6. AJ Styles – his heel turn didn’t go in the way that they had hoped – largely because it was against John Cena and it also came too soon after Chris Jericho went heel by stabbing him in the back.  What he is lacking is the gimmick that can turn him back to babyface, which happened recently with Jericho.  UPDATE: this is likely happening against the feud with Kevin Owens.
  7. Titus O’Neil – the Titus Brand is getting a cult following in recent weeks on Raw and what is lacking right now is a heel taking exception to that gimmick.  This probably won’t happen until late in the year but this is a good mid card gimmick that has slowly gained momentum in recent weeks due to the rash of injuries and other turns that took place on Raw.  UPDATE:  it has gained a couple members and is evolving into a stable.  However, the booking is having them lose matches for all the wrong reasons.

Heel turns that need to happen

  1.  Roman Reigns – it is clear he needs an attitude change and a heel turn will do just that.  The WWE Universe already loathes him and a heel turn by attacking Seth Rollins or Randy Orton would do this.  UPDATE:  WWE Universe seem glad to seen the Monster Among Men back from injury and going right after the Roman Empire.  Watch for a potential double turn around Summerslam but cannot rule out attacking Seth Rollins or even Kurt Angle.  UPDATE #2:  the double turn may had happened at the end of the ambulance match at Great Balls of Fire, with Braun exploiting an mistake by Reigns to win the match, then Reigns getting in a sore loser rage putting Braun in the ambulance then hitting a truck.
  2. Big Cass – with his size, he would make a good monster heel gimmick and put the end of Swaft in one fell swoop.  His turn would be very shocking to the Universe and possibly jump start his singles career.  UPDATE:  Big Cass made the heel turn on 6/19/17 by cutting a promo then attacking Enzo.  Expect a short feud between those two but then expect him get a hot heel push with a new gimmick.
  3. Finn Balor – he just returned from an long term injury and a good heel turn out of nowhere might be what is necessary to get back the Championship.  It will likely start by stabbing Seth Rollins and this will likely be fitting given what happened at Summerslam.
  4. Hideo Itami – injuries had set him back as an rising baby face and at NXT TakeOver Chicago he may had taken his first step by using heelish tactics such as focusing on the body part of an opponent, then going in a rage mode back stage after the match.  A heel turn might be what he needs to finally get over in NXT and into that WWE Roster.  UPDATE:  After showing even more heelish behavior over the next few weeks, Itami turned heel on the 6/7/17 NXT Show with such a viscous showing by refusing to pin following a finisher and this may had been part of an delayed double turn with Bobby Roode  (the opponent was not exactly the wrestler that the turn should had happened on but it was clear booking wanted a weaker opponent).  Itami is expected to be pushed as an hot heel with a new gimmick and then make the WWE Roster around Survivor Series or Royal Rumble.
  5. The New Day – injuries put the end of their run right before Wrestlemania first with Big E then with Kofi.  Once the trio gets healthy a heel turn on the Smackdown brand by attacking Breezeango is going to happen.  While heel the trio can get another long title reign under the Freebird rule, they really need to find another crazy gimmick that the WWE Universe gets going about.  A heel turn will do this.  UPDATE:  The team has returned from injuries but there is truly no tag team on the Smackdown brand that a heel turn can be executed on.  This heel turn will likely come out of nowhere and it could be possible for Kofi or Big E stabbing the rest of the team in the back.
  6. John Cena – this heel turn will be long awaited – it will piss off all those little children but get all the adults going crazy.  Toss in a new heel stable with this and before you know it Cena will be loathed, anyone that gets in their path is a de facto baby face.  A double turn with AJ Styles or Bray Wyatt would be icing on the cake.  UPDATE:  Cena is expected to return to action in a few weeks.
  7. Dean Ambrose – this turn should not occur prior to AJ Styles and Bray Wyatt, but a late season turn between Summerslam and Survivor Series might be what he needs.  His baby face gimmick has hit a stale mate in recent weeks and it has been obvious that The Miz has clearly won the most recent feud when it comes in getting over with the fans.  A crazy heel gimmick would give him a new attitude.
  8. Sami Zayn – his underdog character has went stale and a heel turn might bring out his promo skills.   UPDATE: this turn will happen soon likely to give him a fresh start that he needs.
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