Leicester v Sunderland ratings

I apologize for not posting rating for the Leicester v Stoke match as I was not home most of the day.

Leicester ratings

GK Schmeichel – 7 – Barely challenged, made the saves when he had to.  Got bailed out on the goal post on one of the Sunderland shots but the Black Cats did not shoot the ball on target most of the match.

RB Simpson – 7 – Won the majority of the challenges presented to him.

CB Huth – 8 – Won all the key headers.  Forced the Sunderland GK to make diving save on one of the headers.  Was a big factor when Leicester did a corner kick even drawing four Sunderland players to mark him.

CB Benalouane – 8 – Kept Defoe in check and whatever Defoe got off was a poor angle shot.  Won the majority of his challenges.

LB Fuchs – 7 – Won the most of the challenges.  Had a brain fart in the 76th minute with a poor clearance that gave Sunderland a chance but they found woodwork.  Despite the mistake put on the performance of the higher quality.

RW Mahrez – 6 – Sunderland kept him in check.  Improved in the second half, especially when the first two subs were introduced.

MF Ndidi – 6 – Did not play well in the first half.  Performance improved in the second half.  Was substituted late in the game.

MF Drinkwater – 7 – Had a slow start in the game as well but started to pull the strings as the second half progressed.

LW Gray – 5 – Fail to effectively cross and strike at the ball when given the chance.  Was substituted in the 60th minute.

FW Okazaki – 6 – Had a quiet game but had few chances to make an impact due to Sunderland controlling the midfield.  Was substituted in the 60th minute.

FW Vardy – 7 – Up to the goal he scored he had a poor game.  Became more of a force after the opening goal and scored the second one.  After that point, he ran the show on the Sunderland back four.


LW Albrighton – 9 – Got both the assists and pulled the strings.  Sunderland had no answers for him.  Would been on sooner but he just recovered from an illness.  The man of the match.

FW Slimani – 8 – Scored the first goal on a header that he was unmarked because Sunderland was focused on Huth off the corner kick.  His goal forced the Sunderland defense to turn his focus on him allowing Vardy to start making his moves.

MF King – N/A – Had brief glimpses of quality.

Sunderland Ratings

GK Pickford – 6 – Had a quiet performance with several fine saves.  Had no chance on Slimani’s goal but could had done better with Vardy’s strike.

DF Jones – 6 – Kept Vardy in check most of the night but unable to deal with the Leicester attack once Albrighton and Slimani were introduced.

DF Ovideo – 5 – Did not perform well.  Unable to win the majority of the challenges and around the 57th minute Vardy won a corner kick at his expense that Huth nearly headed home.

DF Denayer – 6 – Quiet performance, was successful for the most of his challenges.

MF Kone – 6 – Kept the Leicester midfield in check for the first 60 minutes.

MF Larsson – 5 – Inability of delivering crosses from corner kicks and free kicks led to a game he would rather forget.  Was eventually substituted out after Leicester made the score 1-0.

MF Rodwell – 6 – Won the majority of the midfield challenges until the 60th minute but was unable to keep Albrighton in check.  Was subbed out.

MF Cattermole – 6 – Had a quiet performance before getting subbed out, making no major errors and helping Sunderland win the battle in the midfield for the first 60 minutes.

FW Ndong – 5 – Had a poor performance up front.  Inability to effectively pass the ball made this a match one to forget.

FW Borini – 5 – Had a poor performance.  Inability to create chances and strike the ball when they were presented.  Was substituted out.

FW Defoe – 6 – Quiet performance and made a couple key passes but his teammates were unable to finish.  Eventually he was forced to make poor angle shots that often went for goal kicks because Leicester defended him too well.


MF Anichebe – 6 – Was denied by the woodwork in the 76th minute.  Did not make another impact.

FW Khazri – 6 – Failed to make an impact.

MF Gibson – N/A – came on too late in the game.

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