Leicester v Sevilla Ratings 3/14/17

Leicester Ratings

GK Schmeichel 8/10 – Made amazing saves.  Foul that led to penalty was unlucky.  Easy save on the penalty.

RB Simpson – 7/10 – Quiet night.  Barely challenged.

CB Huth – 7/10 – Successful on most of the headers and challenges for the evening.  Kept the Sevilla forwards in check.

CB Morgan – 8/10 – Got a piece on the ball that led to Leicester’s first goal.  Rarely challenged by the Sevilla attackers.

LB Fuchs – 7/10 – Rarely challenged, made key clearance passes when forced into it.

RM Mahrez – 9/10 – Got assists on both goals even though the crosses were not perfect.  Pulled the strings all night long, setting up several key passes that forced saves or just missed the target.

MF Ndidi – 8/10 – Shut down most of the Sevilla playmakers by himself.

MF Drinkwater – 7/10 – Quiet performance.  Did not have to do much.

LM Albrighton – 9/10 – Scored Leicester second goal after a poor clearance by the Sevilla defense.  Pulled the stings on the left side of the field.

FW Okazaki 7/10 – Had a shot that just missed wide.  Started an attack with a key pass to Mahrez that led to the second goal.  Was subbed out at the 62nd minute but his dirty work was done.

FW Vardy 7/10 – Drew the foul that set up the free kick that led to the first goal by Leicester.  Instigated the action that led to the red card of Nassir.  Was robbed on a couple counter attacks by the Sevilla goalkeeper.  Consistently drew double teams in the box, leading to Albrighton to go unmarked for the second goal.  Would have scored on a different night.


Slimani 6/10 – Didn’t have to do much after coming on for Okazaki.

Amartey N/A – Late defensive minded sub coming on for Mahrez.

Sevilla Ratings

GK Sergio Rico 8/10 – Kept the team in the game for the most part.  Had no chance in the two goals that were conceded.  Robbed Vardy and Okazaki on multiple occasions.

D Rami 5/10 – Poor quality performance.  Unable to execute the free kicks early in the game.  Poor clearance in the second half led to the second goal.

D Mercado 5/10 – Poor quality performance.  Failed to properly marked Morgan on Leicester’s first goal.  Was subbed at halftime.

D Pareja 6/10 – Quiet performance.  Broke up several counter attacks with key interceptions and blocks.

MF N’Zonzi 4/10 – Took a poor penalty that was an easy save for Schmeichel.  Did nothing else of note.

MF Iborra 5/10 –  Conceded the free kick that led to the first goal by Leicester.  Largely absent in the match thanks to Drinkwater and Ndidi.

MF Escudero 7/10 – Was robbed by the cross bar on a shot that beat Schmeichel.  Unlucky to see his block of Okazaki shot go straight at Mahrez that contributed to the second goal.

MF Sarabia 5/10 – Ineffective at the midfield.  Was subbed out at halftime.  Inability to pass the ball and make plays doomed him.

FW Ben Yedder 4/10 – Ineffective and got subbed out.  Was ineffective at crossing passes.

FW Vitolo 6/10 – Eventually got booked for a needless foul.  Aside from drawing the penalty he did very little.

FW Nassir – 4/10 – Ineffective most of the night.  Both yellow cards were needless.  His only chance came in the 3rd minute.


Jovetic 6/10 – Quiet performance.  Shanked a rebound.

Mariano 5/10 – came on but did not play well.  The poor clearance went straight to Albrighton for the second goal.

Correa 6/10 – Did not have enough time to make an impact.  Should had come in the game much sooner than the 67th minute as he forced Schmeichel into making a save soon after coming in.

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