2016 St. Louis Roadgeek Meet – July 8-10

Update 7/8/16, 12:40 PM – on the St. Louis Roads group, final driving directions and contact numbers have been posted.

Hotel information (as of 6/24/16)

Once again, we are using the Collinsville area as a base location.  Some of the hotels are already sold out for the weekend.  The ones below still have rooms available with nightly rates – keep in mind most are almost sold out:

  • La Quinta – $89, only 5 rooms left
  • Days Inn – $66, almost sold out
  • Drury Inn Collinsville – $130
  • Super 8 Collinsville – $84
  • Double Tree Collinsville – $109
  • Comfort Inn Collinsville – $96

Contact Information

This meet is being run by the St. Louis Roads Facebook Group.  You may send private messages to the admins for phone numbers.  The group puts on the meet every 2 years.

There will be driving directions distributed at the meet.


The locations will be visited, weather permitting.  In the event of unfavorable weather conditions, non priority locations will be skipped or altered.  The organizers reserve the right to change or alter the itinerary without notice at the last second.  The locations have been scouted out ahead of time, however, things can change between the date of the scouting (usually within 4 weeks of the meet) to the date of the meet itself.


Please dress comfortably for the weather, as you will be outside, and weather during July can be very hot and humid.  Wear good walking shoes as some walking will be required.

Both Ballpark Village and Missouri History Museum have dress codes that are similar.  Shoes, shirts, and shorts/pants are required – and may not be offensive or suggestive in nature.  Hats and sunglasses are prohibited while inside the buildings.

Friday, July 8

4 PM – Check in at the hotels

4:30-5 PM – meeting at the Doubletree Collinsville Parking Lot for carpool.

5 PM – leave parking lot for Grafton Winery and Brewhaus

6 PM – Dinner at Grafton Winery and Brewhaus, Grafton, IL

This is located on the Great River Road, about 45 minutes from St. Louis.  We will order off the menu, you are responsible for what you ordered.  The menu is here.

Following the dinner, we will head to Fast Eddies in Alton.  Must be 21 or OLDER to Enter, IDs will be checked.  Fast Eddies is CASH ONLY.

Saturday, July 9

10 AM – Carpool Staging Area at Doubletree Hotel Collinsville Parking Lot

10:40 AM – Leave for Ballpark Village St. Louis

Ballpark Village Parking is off Walnut Street.  Cost of parking varies from $5 to $20 depending if there is an event.  The Cardinals are on the road this weekend.  A youth event is scheduled at Busch Stadium but not expected to draw a large crowd.  Street parking is NOT free on weekends.

11 AM to 12:30 PM – Lunch at Ballpark Village

Luncheon will be inside the Cardinal Nation restaurant.  We will order off the menu, you are responsible for what you ordered.

12:30 – Leave Ballpark Village for St. Louis Riverfront  – we will take Broadway to Choateau to access the riverfront.  Parking at the riverfront may be limited.

1:30 PM – Leave Riverfront for Missouri History Museum.

We will be viewing the Route 66 in St. Louis exhibit being presented by one of the Facebook group admins.  We will only spend approximately one hour in the museum, you may come on your own time on Friday or Monday if you want to spend more time.

3 PM – Leave for Washington, Missouri

We will use Highway 40 and Route 94 to access Washington MO to Route 47 south.  This IS A PRIORITY LOCATION.  The Washington Bridge is doomed as MoDOT is planning its replacement in the coming years.

Following that location, we will go to the Bend Road Bridge near Pacific, which is also a PRIORITY LOCATION.  MoDOT is also planning replacement, and this is not far from one of our members hometown.  The FHWA blocked the preservation request and mandates this bridge to be demolished but not before it is properly archived.

Upon return to St. Louis, we will return to the Times Beach Bridge, in Route 66 State Park.

Sunday July 10

If you are checking out of the hotel on Sunday, the checkout time is 11 AM.

Please expect up to 8 HOURS of driving on this date.  There will be no luncheon, so pack food/drinks in your vehicle for this date and make sure to have a full gas tank.  It will take 2 hours to get from Litchfield to Louisana.

9:30 AM – meet at the Doubletree Collinsville Parking lot to set up carpools.

10 AM – leave the parking lot for the destinations below.  Driving directions will be posted on the Facebook Group so please print them out and read them.  Please bring paper maps along, as the GPS devices are inaccurate and there will be places that have little or NO cell phone reception.

Stop 1 – “Seven Gates of Hell” east of Collinsville

There are several railroad bridges over various county roads between Collinsville and Troy.  There are 7 in total, but due to time constraints and a road closure on Longhi Road, we will be visiting 5 of the 7.

The bridges that will be visiting:

The bridges that we will not be visiting

  • Bauer Road Gate #7 (it is too far out of the way)
  • Longhi Road Gate #4 under the abandoned RR line (road is closed and impossible to access this location) – may be possible to get to from Lebanon Road but not from Lockmann Road but you will have to go on foot and there is private property on this side.

Stop 2 – Iron Bridge, O’Fallon IL

This bridge is off W Highway 50 across the street from the First Baptist Church.  We will park on the south end of their parking lot, as the bridge is on private property and observe it from a distance.

Stop 3 – Rieder Road Interchange Project

We will observe the progress from Shiloh Township Road.  The entire area on either side of the road is private property and must be respected.

Stop 4 – Old Route 50 Sidewalk Highway Alignment

This is located by the trailer business before the railroad overpass on Route 50 east of Route 158.  The sidewalk highway is intact and considered fair game.  Please note there is private property in this area.

Stop 5 – Old Route 40 Sidewalk Highway between Highland and Pierron

There are two intact segments.  One is being used as a frontage road to private property and past the road ends sign there is an intact concrete bridge dating from the mid 1920s. That bridge is in heavily wooded area and only possible to get a decent picture in the winter months.  The second segment is just south of I-70 and while there is nowhere to pull onto the road, there is a gas station nearby that you may park.

Stop 6 – Route 127 sidewalk highway near Greenville

This consists of 3 segments – the short section south of Greenville that goes from the hotel to Route 127, the Hazel Dell Road segment, and a third segment that starts north of Greenville.  The road is 8 foot in width, made with concrete that was original from the 1920s.  There are also 2 abandoned bridges on this stretch of road, one on Hazel Dell Road and the other just  north of I-70.

Stop 7 – Ripson Bridge near Sorento

This is one of two remaining truss bridges in Bond County, and is preserved for pedestrian access.  Parking is on either side of the bridge but limited room to turn around.

Stop 8 – Original 4 Lane Route 66, Litchfield

The 4 lane section in town is still intact.  The section north of town was still intact until a few years ago when IDOT did a road diet as they had to remove a bridge.  This diet goes up to the weigh station where it met present day I-55.  The railroad overpass is an abandoned line.

Stop 9 – Hardin Lift Bridge

Just before Route 16/100 turn left we will pull off Eldred Road for a old concrete bridge alignment and wait for the entire group.  There is construction at the lift bridge.

Vantage points are on the Calhoun County side either north or south of the bridge.  There is a small grocery store with parking just to the north.

Stop 10 – Champ Clark Bridge **PRIORITY**

This bridge is doomed as MoDOT is planning a replacement.  There is vantage point on the Missouri side just south of the bridge.

Stop 11 – bridges on Route 79 between Louisana and Old Monroe.  This consists of two pony truss bridges, 2 through truss bridges, 3 pony plate girder bridges, and one bridge with balustrades.  Some of the bridges are also doomed – and slow down when crossing them.  There are few places to pull over – and in most cases none at all.

Stop 12 – Mid Rivers Mall interchange DDI

After Stop 12 we will have dinner before we return to the hotel.