the #RallySquirrel thread

The Cards are making their World Series run in way that is similar to the miracle of 1964.  That Cards team came from over 10 games down in the final month to win the pennant and the World Series, taking advantage of the Phillie Phold.  Well in 2011, the Cards took advantage of the collapse of the Braves, being down 10.5 games after the Dodgers swept the Cards at Busch in late August.  Ironically it was those Phillies that allowed the miracle run to the playoffs possible.

During Games 3-5 of the NLDS, squirrels were causing havoc.  The first came during Game 3 when the game was scoreless.  The next came during Game 4 and caused Roy Oswalt to go berserk.  The Cards went on to win that game after that appearance, and the fans started talking about it.  It made another one right before game 5 – and the Cards led off the game with a triple and double – and Carpenter took it from there.  At this point, St. Louis has gone squirrel crazy.

The squirrels that hit Busch during the NLDS was not the first time they gotten loose in the park.

They first made an appearance in 2007

Now the fans are coming up with songs about it, as the video shows below:

During the NLCS there was a rematch of the 1982 World Series that the Cards won. In 1982, the I-39 corridor from Rockford to Bloomington-Normal did not exist. During the NLCS, thousands of Cards fans made the trip up that corridor.  I-39 is basically one leg of the Chicagoland outer bypass (with I-80 forming the other leg) and this suits the Cards fans just fine as they can avoid crossing through the territory of the rival Cubs.

Now, the people of Dallas-Fort Worth will learn real fast that the Cards fans are well known for traveling with the team.  Those fans have been well known into taking over ball parks that is within 500 miles of St. Louis and Dallas falls into that category, as locals will take 44 and 35 to hit DFW.  With DFW long been Cards territory before the Rangers existed, there will be a fairshare of locals there sporting the Cardinal red.

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One Response to the #RallySquirrel thread

  1. countenance says:

    There are lot of native St. Louisans in DFW. And I bet a lot of old time natives of the area are Cardinal fans.

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